Hi! I'm Rob, the tall guy behind the camera. I have a fascination with light, a ravenous appetite for learning, and I have a passion for creating imagery that celebrates life, people, and passions.

I am based in Providence, RI and available for hire worldwide.

Q. What inspires you as a photographer?

The power of the photograph fascinates me. An exceptional photograph can transport you to places you've never been, or back to places you've been before. It can ignite your imagination. It can stir you emotionally. Laughter. Admiration. Wonder. A photograph is capable of so many things! My passion is capturing of the essence of the subjects I shoot and creating images that are visually captivating.

Q. Why the specialties?

Everything and everyone has a story to be told. Limiting myself to a particular niche would forfeit the opportunity to expand my vision as photographer, and covering a wide range of subjects keeps my perspective fresh and enhances my creative process. I regularly look for ways to push my artistic capabilities and offer more value to my clients.

Q. Who are you outside the world of photography?

When I'm not behind the camera lens, I am often... well... still behind the lens. I run a video production business as well that focuses on brand marketing, education and live events. I am a musician as well, so you may spot me playing at restaurants and local venues around Rhode Island! So whether it's photography, video, or music, I love to engage and amplify the good in the world. Here are some other links to visit!